Upgrade 2006 MacPro1,1 to Mavericks

After Apple dropped support for the first MacPro models I got seriously disillusioned with the company. After all I had plunked down a bundle back in 2006 to purchase an upgradable desktop computer.

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Turn existing VMDK into ZFS VOL and use ISCSI to access it from different system

I have several servers running Solaris 10u9 with VirtualBox server installed. Each of those hosts can manage several guest. Currently I use VirtualBox multiattach image types to clone guests from master images. This doesn't require me to use clonehd on the master images, which is a very time consuming process.

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Newton Virus

This totally reminds me of the Amiga ...
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iPhone sensory deprivation

After having had an iTouch for a couple of months, I couldn't deal with the regular cell phone user interface anymore (I caught myself swiping over the display to make my phone book scroll on my Motorola SLVR).

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Barak Obama's Speech in New Hampshire

If you want to get an impression about Senator Obama's eloquence and Humor and Charisma, check out this video of a speech he gave in New Hampshire. Among other things it explains the origin of the title for his book, Audacity Of Hope.
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Mail and keybord shortcuts

was looking for a way to Toggle Mail.app's preview pane from the menu or keyboard. The link gives instructions of what needs to be done. Now I just need to get it to work on Tiger w/o Quicksilver

I used Mail Act-On with a specific Rule to accomplish what I want.

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Change AppleHighlightColor for Preview.app

Recently I got annoyed using the find feature in the Preview.app and not being able to see the found strings easily.

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JavaScript Debugging in Safari

Trying to accomplish serious web development with the Mac OS X Safari browser is hampered by the fact that Javascript debugging is not available to the level possible with Firefox and, lets say, the FireBug extension.

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Wake On LAN for OS X

Recently there was an interesting discussion on a work related mac-alias how to actually use the Wake On LAN feature on Macs that support it.

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SMB/CIFS sharing

Every once in a while I need to copy files between my two Macs, and usually I use the CLI for this, but sometimes I choose the Finder->Connect To Server to mount my home directory, so I can browse and drag-n-drop files between computers.

Today I "discovered" that the feature to share your home directory via SMB has to be enabled per user.

SMB Sharing 1SMB Sharing 2

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