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MacPro1,1 Yosemite

A while ago I upgraded my trusted old MacPro1,1 to Yosemite following these instructions.

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Upgrade 2006 MacPro1,1 to Mavericks

After Apple dropped support for the first MacPro models I got seriously disillusioned with the company. After all I had plunked down a bundle back in 2006 to purchase an upgradable desktop computer.

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iOS7: Do you want to trust this computer?

Don't we all hate when we plugin our iOS7 devices to our trusted Mac and suddenly the mobile device asks us "Do you want to trust this computer"? And we go, of course! We have been syncing together for a while, what about this sudden hostility?

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Mac OS X applications crashing

Recently a friend asked me for help with his Snow Leopard Mac Book Pro. He complained that most of his applications would crash at some point, even the native OSX apps, like Mail and iCal.

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SleepWatcher - A utility to run tasks on sleep/wake

This is a utility I have been looking for. It allows you to execute tasks when the computer/display goes to sleep and/or wakes up. Very nice.

Here is a little more discussion about it.

Copy Tracks to remote iTunes

Thanks to Paul I got spared a lot of time trying to figure this out for myself. I have the same setup (mini with front row as media center) and even use a NAS to store everything, but could never figure out how to add it to the remote iTunes

Newton Virus

This totally reminds me of the Amiga ...
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After having silently suffered for a long time, finally the solution to my read e-mails reverting back to unread status ...

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