Turn existing VMDK into ZFS VOL and use ISCSI to access it from different system

I have several servers running Solaris 10u9 with VirtualBox server installed. Each of those hosts can manage several guest. Currently I use VirtualBox multiattach image types to clone guests from master images. This doesn't require me to use clonehd on the master images, which is a very time consuming process.

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pkgadd doesn't really handle filesystems with more than 5TB of free space

I just ran into this problem myself. A coworker found this site. The issue is also discussed at

They problem surfaced when I tried to install packages in a zone I had created on a zfs filesystem that happened to be on a x4500 with 15 Terabytes of free space.

The work around is to slap a quota on the the ZFS that the zone sits on.

Dynamic zone manipulation

Some parameters of a zone can be modified while the zone is running

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Dynamic Zone Changes

how to update a running zone

Parallels and Solaris

When adding or changing disks to a parallels VM, you might see the following error message [image:282 style='float: right']

To fix it, boot into the failsafe mode and run bootadm on the mounted root disk like in the following image [image:283]

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wmctrl - A command line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager

The wmctrl program is a UNIX/Linux command line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager

First day back at Sun

Today is my first day as a full-time employee back at Sun

NFS via ssh tunnel

Tunneling NFS traffic via ssh

Having received a couple of questions lately about Solaris support for ssh tunneling of NFS traffic, a short description of how it can be done and what happens to NFS when ssh tunneling is used.

Get in the Zone with Solaris 10

Every now and again an entirely innovative approach to computer technology appears on the market. If you are anything like me then you have probably been working with computer technology for as long as you can remember. This includes the original PONG and probably 6502 assembly language programming on a Commodore PET with 8K of RAM. You have owned at least one Hewlett Packard calculator that used RPN and a Timex Sinclair Z80 computer. You could speak four different programming languages by the age of seventeen. I have this amazing attraction to really innovative technology. Things that actually capture my attention not because they are powerful but because they are entirely innovative in the way that they work. OKay, I admit that PONG was not slick but it was at least captivating at the time.

PXE/Jumpstart server configuration

The follow assumes that the PXE is being setup on a private subnet of, and that the server is being setup as and is also named jazz. Please edit these files as needed to reflect the proper network that you use, as well as the hostname in the /etc/hosts file. Change the client names and/or IPs to reflect what you would like to serve out.

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