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views as CCK node reference filters

Drupal's CCK module supports views to filter the nodes to offer for the node reference field type.

The view can be specified with an argument, but the argument is static to the CCK field definition.

With the following snippet of code in the view arguments code, one can specify something dynamic, in my case part of the URL.

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I wasted several hours today trying to enable behaviors in a Drupal 5 site and just couldn't get it to work. Several other sites on the same server had it working. All the instructions I found on the web were straight forward and correlated with what I am doing.

Finally I figured out that core drupal 5 does not have behavior functionality. The jstools module implements this feature, since everything magically worked as soon as I enabled that module.

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Mozilla/Firefox about:config

Would you know it. I am using Mozilla/Firefox for an eternity now, and I still go and edit the config files by hand.

Today I learned that one can just type "about:config" into the address field and voila, access to all configuration variables right in the browser.

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What is a Blog

I heard this so many times, and I still had to look up the word: what exactely is a blog? This is what says:

(n.) Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly-accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

(v.) To author a Web log.

Now that I can grok

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Browsing the web ...

This morning I woke up way to early and decided to go back to work on my project for Sun. My daily routine starts by reading e-mail and /..

As I was clicking on a link in my e-mail, my browser displayed the information in the same Window Tab I used for something else. Annoyed I downloaded an extension called Launchy for my e-mail client to enable greater granularity as to which program to use when clicking on URL's.

Then I started reading the rest of the web site. Very cool design.

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