PHP static late binding

I just stumbled across this myself and am glad that I am not crazy after all ...

SleepWatcher - A utility to run tasks on sleep/wake

This is a utility I have been looking for. It allows you to execute tasks when the computer/display goes to sleep and/or wakes up. Very nice.

Here is a little more discussion about it.

Live Music by Ween

more ween links

Home Page of Ween

New music by Ween

pkgadd doesn't really handle filesystems with more than 5TB of free space

I just ran into this problem myself. A coworker found this site. The issue is also discussed at http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?messageID=102769

They problem surfaced when I tried to install packages in a zone I had created on a zfs filesystem that happened to be on a x4500 with 15 Terabytes of free space.

The work around is to slap a quota on the the ZFS that the zone sits on.

How to get content onto your Kindle from Mac OS X

As the author of this blog says, incredible how hard it was to find this information.

Important Tool

This is what we need, a Thneed

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