This is a ghost town ...

I haven't really felt compelled to keep this blog updated, and ever since I installed ghost on one of my servers, I am having a lot of fun writing stuff over there ... See you on the other side in 10
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Tattoo Locations

Tattoo Locations



Camino Browser 2.x and Java

Today I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to enable Java on a browser I hardly ever use. Turns out Camino in it's latest incantation does not support Java out of the box.

Fortunately it is easy to fix:

Installing the Java Embedding Plugin

1. Download the latest version of the Java Embedding Plugin ( as of November 30, 2011)

Skank Standards

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At the core of all well-founded belief lies belief that is unfounded

— Wittgenstein

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I'm just some fuck'n guy

Check out why there is so much bullshit on TV

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Ontology vs. Tags

Does the world make sense, or do we make sense of the world

— unknown

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The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master

— Pynchon

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The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits

— Albert Einstein

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