IE keeps giving ...

A friend just told me a nice little "easter egg" of IE6 that is doggone hard to debug when one doesn't know about Redmond's little secrets plot to make a web developers life hell (me conspiracy theorist? never!)

Turns out that IE6 has a css file limit per page that kicks in with the 32nd file, where it simply doesn't seem to read the contents of the file. And if you are mindful of this and slap all your CSS into less than 32 files, the beast still gets you by the nuts because there also is a total CSS size limit.

Go do yourself a favor and download firefox ....

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IE PNG Alpha Fix v1.0

Thanks to this guy there is png transparency support for Windows IE6

Well, now you can add decent PNG support to IE5.5+ on Windows with no changes to your website HTML source code. This script will add near-native PNG support with full alpha opacity, with only one line in your CSS file, that applies to all <img> tags and also background images!

How to Copy and Paste text to and from an rxvt terminal

Text which has been copied to the clipboard via Ctrl-c (or cut with Ctrl-x) can be pasted directly into an rxvt terminal by positioning the cursor in the rxvt terminal where you want the text inserted and holding the shift key while clicking the left mouse button.

To copy text from an rxvt terminal simply drag the cursor over the region of text you want to select with the mouse while holding the left button down. Selected text will be highlighted and available in the clipboard for pasting into other applications via Ctrl-v. Double-clicking on a word will select the entire word. Clicking three times will selected an entire line. To select a range of words you can double click on the first word, then set the mouse cursor to the right of the last word or letter you want copied, and right-click.


The offer a free adware checking program (see attachement)

VIM Windows

If Microsoft had written vim

VIM Windows

AVG Virus

Download AVG FREE Virus scanner

Show Windows' Control Panel Who's in Charge

The Control Panel is supposed to be Windows' command central for changing your computer's settings. Instead, it's a confusing mix of wizards and dialog boxes, with settings you never change alongside those you probably tweak quite often. Windows XP's Control Panel is a bit more organized: It groups icons into categories and provides tasks within each. (You can also use the traditional Control Panel view in XP if you wish.) Unfortunately, if you already know which Control Panel applet you want to open, XP's new arrangement only means more clicking. These tips will let you tailor Control Panel i

Running Windows with No Services

A Windows service provides functionality to the operating system and user accounts regardless of whether anyone is logged into a system. Windows XP comes with around four dozen services enabled by default, including ones that many people consider superfluous like Remote Registry, Alerter, and SSDP Discovery (Universal Plug and Play). A question many Windows administrators commonly have is therefore, which services can I safely disable? What if I told you that for at least basic functionality like Web surfing and application execution, Windows doesn’t need any services? In fact, you can also


Flash in Firefox on Windows XP

So today I finally got annoyed by all those broken quicktime icons when browsing the web to media rich sites with Firefox (1.0.2).

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