Changing system-wide proxy on Ubuntu

For the longest time I was thoroughly annoyed by how Ubuntu forced me to enter my password twice every time I need to switch the proxy settings.

The following BLOG entry finally solved this for me (for now)

bind9, rndc and iptables

Recently (well, a couple of months ago) I finally decided to rent a server at a large co-location server farm ( and picked Debian as the Linux distro of choice.

After a while I wanted to setup the new server as a DNS slave, which wasn't as hard as I had expected. But when it came to stoping or restarting the bind daemon on that box, I always got

rndc: connect failed: connection refused

even though I was sure that I had configured my named.conf and rndc.conf files correctly, and the file permissions were correct as well.

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The worlds's smallest IP-PBX at astricon: Starting with a 400 Mhz Gumstix and cutting and squeezing Linux and Asterisk into 11MB of flash, the finger sized board supports over 40 simultaneous ulaw voip calls


Since I use Mandrake on my two x86 boxes and an old clam shell PowerBook I want to link back to their site


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