Get in the Zone with Solaris 10

Every now and again an entirely innovative approach to computer technology appears on the market. If you are anything like me then you have probably been working with computer technology for as long as you can remember. This includes the original PONG and probably 6502 assembly language programming on a Commodore PET with 8K of RAM. You have owned at least one Hewlett Packard calculator that used RPN and a Timex Sinclair Z80 computer. You could speak four different programming languages by the age of seventeen. I have this amazing attraction to really innovative technology. Things that actually capture my attention not because they are powerful but because they are entirely innovative in the way that they work. OKay, I admit that PONG was not slick but it was at least captivating at the time.

Solaris 10 is not only powerful but it is very innovative.