Quick Rundown

I started with computers early, in form of a HP 65 programmable calculator. This was swiftly followed by a HP 41c and then a Commodore VIC 20. The next step was a Commodore 64, upgraded to a Commodore SX64 and finally several Amiga models. The Amiga 500 came first, and after that was modded ad nauseam I changed to a Amiga 3000. Unfortunately the mobo died a couple of years ago, so now I have some Zorro boards gathering dust: Working at Sun for more than a decade, I gathered a solid UNIX foundation. When I left Sun in 2001 I switched to Mandrake as my desktop OS. Today the main OS I work with is Apple Mac OS X and Linux, and Solaris of course. And then there is the ubiqutous Windows XP. Since Sun got acquired by Oracle I work there now.