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Web 2.0 Rant

... and is your web site going to be Web 2.0?

I just did a google search for Web 2.0 and it came back with 184,000,000 hits for "Web 2.0". That is almost twice as much as the word porn (98,000,000 for porn), which as we all know is one of the driving factors for the web in general.

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Barack Obama 2004 Democratic National Convention

Why this man should represent america to the rest of the world
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Barak Obama's Speech in New Hampshire

If you want to get an impression about Senator Obama's eloquence and Humor and Charisma, check out this video of a speech he gave in New Hampshire. Among other things it explains the origin of the title for his book, Audacity Of Hope.
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My ISP is Comcast, and after years of nosebleed inducing DSL service (which was due to the crappy phone lines in the building I live in, and not my provider or DSL in general) I have to say that I am really happy with the level of service comcast has provided me with so far.

Last night there was a service outage, however, and it told me so when I called their support hotline.

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Parallels and Solaris

When adding or changing disks to a parallels VM, you might see the following error message [image:282 style='float: right']

To fix it, boot into the failsafe mode and run bootadm on the mounted root disk like in the following image [image:283]

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Comment Spam

Great, now that I enabled anonymous commenting on my site, I drown in a deluge of porn spam comments. I just disabled unmoderated anonymous commenting.

I wonder what next. I mean, web comment spamming is an old hat already, but will this ever stop? Will the spammers figure out a way to attach spam to pictures next? Oops, hope I didn't give them an idea.

Anyhow, the only way to stem the spam tide was if people categorically refused to buy products advertised via spam. That way spamming would become a liability, rather than a viability.

OK, I will dream on ....

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Mail and keybord shortcuts

was looking for a way to Toggle Mail.app's preview pane from the menu or keyboard. The link gives instructions of what needs to be done. Now I just need to get it to work on Tiger w/o Quicksilver

I used Mail Act-On with a specific Rule to accomplish what I want.

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Warning: Flying Out Of Sequence

In case people actually come here to read my blog, I wanted to share the following fact I found out myself recently and wish I had known about.

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Wedged Rosetta

Running into trouble with PowerPC only applications I started researching what this Rosetta thing is all about.

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AT&T decides to bring broadband call center back onshore


Even though I have nothing to do with ATT, or need to access their call center, I am somewhat glad that one behemoth of a company decided, for whatever reason, to bring back (part) of their call center.

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