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views as CCK node reference filters

Drupal's CCK module supports views to filter the nodes to offer for the node reference field type.

The view can be specified with an argument, but the argument is static to the CCK field definition.

With the following snippet of code in the view arguments code, one can specify something dynamic, in my case part of the URL.

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I wasted several hours today trying to enable behaviors in a Drupal 5 site and just couldn't get it to work. Several other sites on the same server had it working. All the instructions I found on the web were straight forward and correlated with what I am doing.

Finally I figured out that core drupal 5 does not have behavior functionality. The jstools module implements this feature, since everything magically worked as soon as I enabled that module.

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This is the News

A product review I would like to see on TV

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IE keeps giving ...

A friend just told me a nice little "easter egg" of IE6 that is doggone hard to debug when one doesn't know about Redmond's little secrets plot to make a web developers life hell (me conspiracy theorist? never!)

Turns out that IE6 has a css file limit per page that kicks in with the 32nd file, where it simply doesn't seem to read the contents of the file. And if you are mindful of this and slap all your CSS into less than 32 files, the beast still gets you by the nuts because there also is a total CSS size limit.

Go do yourself a favor and download firefox ....

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Newton Virus

This totally reminds me of the Amiga ...
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iPhone sensory deprivation

After having had an iTouch for a couple of months, I couldn't deal with the regular cell phone user interface anymore (I caught myself swiping over the display to make my phone book scroll on my Motorola SLVR).

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Cute Movie how we met

Another cute video on youtube.
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jquery href hover

Contrary to what you can find on the web, when trying to set the window.status when hovering over a link, you need to return false at the end of the hover function, otherwise the standard mouseover event is going to kick in overwrite your window.status

The following jQuery works

$('a').hover(function(){window.status=this.title?this.title:'';return false;},function(){window.status='';return false;})

If you return true, the window status is going to display the URL instead, which is the standard.

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Dynamic zone manipulation

Some parameters of a zone can be modified while the zone is running

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Comment Spam Curbed?

Since several weeks I require captch for comment posting, and voila, no more spam in my comments! Well, I don't get a lot of comments anyways, so I don't know if commenting on my crap is not possible at all, or ... oh heck, as long as the spammers can't comment I am happy. All you other people who wish to contact me, you know who I am and how to get a hold of me ...

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