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Nathan sings Day Tripper by the Beatles

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Nathan plays drums

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Dog Talk

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Skank Standards

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PHP case sensitivity @#&^%!

The other day I finally figured out why some people are so violently opposed to PHP. When using object oriented features of PHP5 I discovered the hard way that PHP has some weird, backwards compatibility issue rules how it handles case.

In a nutshell, variables are case sensitive, but function names, and object methods (!!!) are not.

That explains why the following code does not work

class A {
GET($url) {
// retrieve the url
B extends A {
private var

get($var) {

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Thank you Rock Band

Three clips of Nathan playing Green Day on Rock Band
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The Reciprocating Dingle Arm

Several years ago, Rockwell International decided to get into the heavy duty transmission business. They were getting ready to tape a first introduction video and, as a warm up, the professional narrator began what has become a legend within the industry. This practice presentation is strictly off the cuff -- nothing is written down.
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I'm just some fuck'n guy

Check out why there is so much bullshit on TV

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Nathan's 2nd Stop Motion

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Nathan's 1st stop motion

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