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Too much comment SPAM

I just disabled comments because of too much SPAM

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This is a ghost town ...

I haven't really felt compelled to keep this blog updated, and ever since I installed ghost on one of my servers, I am having a lot of fun writing stuff over there ... See you on the other side in 10
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MacPro1,1 Yosemite

A while ago I upgraded my trusted old MacPro1,1 to Yosemite following these instructions.

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Conservative Electorate

Here is what I think is wrong with the republican electorate ...

  • prenatal exposure to pesticides is associated with lower IQ
  • farmers use a lot of pesticides
  • most rural areas overwhelmingly vote republican
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PHP casting an object to an array

This just cost me a day. I had a JSON structure that I wanted in an array.
   "10": {
      "foo": "bar"
   "20": {
      "baz": "fup"
So the easiest way to do this (I thought) would be:
$content = (array)json_decode($some_json)
but I could not access any array element event though I could clearly see that the key existed
PHP Notice:  Undefined offset: ...
After slowly going insane I found a stackoverflow post that pointed to this
If an object is converted to an array, the result is an array whose elements are the object's properties. The keys are the member variable names, with a few notable exceptions: integer properties are unaccessible; private variables have the class name prepended to the variable name; protected variables have a '*' prepended to the variable name. These prepended values have null bytes on either side. This can result in some unexpected behaviour:

This is fucking insane. Who comes up with this shit!?

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Upgrade 2006 MacPro1,1 to Mavericks

After Apple dropped support for the first MacPro models I got seriously disillusioned with the company. After all I had plunked down a bundle back in 2006 to purchase an upgradable desktop computer.

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Guilty as charged

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iOS7: Do you want to trust this computer?

Don't we all hate when we plugin our iOS7 devices to our trusted Mac and suddenly the mobile device asks us "Do you want to trust this computer"? And we go, of course! We have been syncing together for a while, what about this sudden hostility?

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Mac OS X applications crashing com.apple.datadetectorscore

Recently a friend asked me for help with his Snow Leopard Mac Book Pro. He complained that most of his applications would crash at some point, even the native OSX apps, like Mail and iCal.

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Turn existing VMDK into ZFS VOL and use ISCSI to access it from different system

I have several servers running Solaris 10u9 with VirtualBox server installed. Each of those hosts can manage several guest. Currently I use VirtualBox multiattach image types to clone guests from master images. This doesn't require me to use clonehd on the master images, which is a very time consuming process.

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