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This morning I woke up way to early and decided to go back to work on my project for Sun. My daily routine starts by reading e-mail and /..

As I was clicking on a link in my e-mail, my browser displayed the information in the same Window Tab I used for something else. Annoyed I downloaded an extension called Launchy for my e-mail client to enable greater granularity as to which program to use when clicking on URL's.

Then I started reading the rest of the web site. Very cool design.

On the bottom of this page I stumbled accross something I didn't know, so I decided to reference it for posterity in my first ecto2/drupal blog entry: Acronym vs. Abbreviation.

Unfortunately I found out in the process that ecto2 (on Windows) inserts a lot of < in my post wherever I actually wanted to upload a link. Very annoying.

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